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Bob Feldman...

Experienced Corporate Training and Coaching Professional

Born and raised in Chicago, I have also lived and worked for lengthy periods on three other continents, primarily in Germany (where I now live, in Berlin), Sri Lanka and Singapore (where I lived the past 18 years).  I received a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Movement, Psychology and Education and a Masters Degree (M.Ed.) in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Illinois. In addition I am a certified Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) Consultant, a Belbin Team Roles Facilitator and the author of numerous articles as well as a chapter in the book 88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Greater Success at Work (2012).


My talks and workshops are known for being highly participatory and motivating.  In addition to my current work in Germany, I have led trainings in China, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia.  In the U.S. I received numerous creative programming awards for communication skills workshops for a wide range of groups spanning from business professionals and social service agencies to work on Indian reservations and at a federal prison. 


For 15 years my work was as an actor, director, teacher and trainer with the United Mime Workers Theatre Company, an internationally acclaimed professional mime theatre group which toured throughout the United States as well as in Europe and Latin America at theatres, universities and public venues.  I continued teaching acting skills at colleges and theatre schools in Germany and Singapore, and then switched my focus to full-time corporate training and coaching.


Between 1998-2018 I worked in Southeast Asia, offering programs extensively with the Singapore Civil Service College’s (CSC) Institute for Public Administration and Management (IPAM), where I was honoured with the Trainer Excellence Award in 2012. 

Why Choose Bob Feldman as

Your Trainer or Coach?

Are you exploring opportunities to work in Asia?
You will learn to:

*increase your effectiveness with business communication in Asia
*enhance your understanding of cultural differences you will face
*be more confident and prepared for your interactions
*ensure success with your Asian business partners

Do you want your clients, staff and colleagues at your meetings to leave the room feeling empowered, energised and motivated? Do you want your presentations to have more impact, energy and influence?
You will gain skills to:

*develop a stronger executive “presence” for credibility and influence
*use your body and voice to be effectively “seen” and “heard”
*organise your presentations for clarity and focus
*effectively connect with your audience and business partners for successful outcomes

Have you lost the trust in your staff, your colleagues, your clients - or with yourself?
You will learn how to:

*build trustworthy relationships through honest communication
*repair situations where trust has been broken
*increase your emotional intelligence, integrity and respect from all levels
*break through barriers where you or your organisation have felt stuck or blocked

Is your team lacking coherence, showing resistance, having too much conflict or not bringing results?
You will be able to:

*activate team cooperation and communication through proven theatre- and movement-based exercises designed for businesses and organisations
*deepen listening capabilities for understanding and workingthrough issues
*increase engagement of all team members by understanding team roles (and when requested, using the effective Belbin Team Roles Profiling 360-degree online assessment)
*raise your team to a high-trust, high-performance level

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